The irisws-timeseries service provides access to individual channels of time series data for a specified time range. Requested segments may be up to 30 days in length and optional signal processing may be applied to return data. The time series may be returned in a variety of formats.

Output format options:

  • miniSEED
  • SAC zip (binary little endian)
  • SAC Alpha (ASCII) [deprecated]
  • SAC binary (big & little endian) [deprecated]
  • Audio (WAV format)
  • PNG Plot
  • ASCII (data column)
  • ASCII (data column, time column)
  • GEOCSV (data column)
  • GEOCSV (data column, time column)

Signal processing options (operations are performed in the order specified):

  • high, low and band-pass filter
  • remove mean value
  • scaling by constant value
  • deconvolution of instrument response (with frequency limits and unit conversion)
  • differentiation and integration
  • decimation to lower sample rates

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