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The Flinn-Engdahl webservice returns the Flinn-Engdahl region code, or region name, or both for a specified latitude and longitude.

Returned values are text strings, e.g. region code “014” which corresponds to region name “Kenai Peninsula, Alaska”.

Below is a full list of service parameters and their usage.

Query Usage


Sample Queries

Detailed Descriptions of each Query Parameter

parameters examples discussion
output code code — retrieves the Flinn-Engdahl numeric code, (eg. 32)
region — retrieves the Flinn-Engdahl region description, (eg. OREGON)
both — retrieves both the code and the region description, (eg. 32 | OREGON)
lat 42 Specify latitude, in decimal degrees. Must be within the range [-90.0, 90.0]
lon -120.6 Specify longitude, in decimal degrees. Must be within the range [-180.0, 180.0]


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