NSF SAGE Facility MUSTANG noise-spectrogram Web Service Documentation


The noise-spectrogram web service returns spectrograms for seismic channels based on PDF daily mode values.

Below is a full list of service parameters and their usage.

Query Usage

/query? (channel-options) [date-range-options] [power-output-options] [plot-options] (format-option) [nodata-option]


channel-options     :: (net[work]=<network>&sta[tion]=<station>&loc[ation]=<location>&cha[annel]=<channel>) | 

date-range-options   :: [start[time]=<time>]&[end[time]=<time>]

power-output-options :: [output=<power|powerdhnm|powerdlnm|powerdnm|powerdmedian>] 

plot-options        :: [plot.height=<pixel-height>][plot.width=<pixel-width>] 


                       [plot.powerscale.autorange=<value 0 to 1>]|[plot.powerscale.range=<min,max>]




format-option      :: [format=<plot>]
nodata-option      :: [nodata=<404|204>]

(..) required
[..] optional

Sample Queries


Make frequency the horizontal axis instead of time:

Output Differenced to Peterson Low Noise Model:

Output Differenced to Median Values of Daily Modes:

Fixed Color Scale -170 to -110 [dB]:

Use Colors Accessible to Colorblind Users:

Create A Plot That Can Be Printed in Grayscale (and Photocopied):

Detailed Descriptions of each Query Parameter

parameter examples discussion default type
star[ttime] 2010-12-19 Limit to PSD data starting between starttime (inclusive) and endtime (exclusive) earliest available day
end[time] 2010-12-20 Limit to PSD data starting between starttime (inclusive) and endtime (exclusive) latest available day
net[work] IU Select Network code. string
sta[tion] ANMO Select station code. string
loc[ation] 00 Select location code. Use -- for empty location. string
cha[nnel] BHZ Select channel code. string
quality M Select quality code. M for data from our miniSEED archive. D for data from our PH5 archive. (can be glob wildcard) string
target IU.ANMO.00.BHZ.M Network.Station.Location.Channel.Quality. Single targets only. string
output how to display power see help
power (default) show power
powerdmedian power relative to the median per frequency power level
powerdhnm power relative to the High Noise Model
powerdlnm power relative to the Low Noise Model
powerdnm power relative to both Noise Models. Positive values designate powers above both noise models, negative values designate powers below both noise models and zero values designate powers between both noise models
noisemodel.byperiod User specified noise model by period see help
noisemodel.byfrequency User specified noise model by frequency see help
plot.height 1000 Height of plot in pixels 500 positive integer
plot.width 1000 Width of plot in pixels 1000 positive integer
plot.title My+Title Alternative to auto-generated title. hide for no title From selected target url encoded string
plot.subtitle My+Subtitle Subtitle. hide for no subtitle hide url encoded string
plot.titlefont.size 12 Sets the title font size Auto positive integer
plot.subtitlefont.size 12 Sets the subtitle font size Auto positive integer
plot.frequency.label Hz The frequency axis label text. hide for no label “Frequency (Hz)” url encoded string
plot.frequency.axis hide Controls whether the frequency axis is shown. show show, hide
plot.labelfont.size 18 Manually set the font size of axis labels auto positive integer
plot.horzaxis freq Set plot orientation. The horizontal axis can be either time or freq[uency] time time, freq
plot.color.palette Color scheme to use for plot and power scale rainbow string
rainbow (default) cpt-city rainbow palette
RdYlBu ColorBrewer RdYlBu palette
RdBu Colorbrewer RdBu palette
BrBG Colorbrewer BrBG palette
YlGnBu ColorBrewer YlGnBu palette
viridis Matplotlib viridis palette
OrRd ColorBrewer OrRd palette
plot.color.invert true Inverts the color palette false true, false
plot.powerscale.autorange 0.9 A number from 0 to 1. Determines range of data mapped to color scale based on percentile. Mutually exclusive with plot.powerscale.range 0.95 float
plot.powerscale.range -180,-110 Range of power values to be mapped to color scale. Mutually exclusive with plot.powerscale.autorange two comma separated values
plot.powerscale.height 20 Height, in pixels, of the color power scale including text 12 number
plot.powerscale.width 200 Width, in pixels, of the color power scale including text 150 number
plot.powerscale.x 20 Horizontal positon of the color power scale in pixels. Negative values measure from the right side of image 5 number
plot.powerscale.y 20 Vertical positon of the color power scale in pixels. Negative values measure from the bottom of image 5 number
plot.powerscale.orientation vert Determines the orientation of the color power scale horz horz, vert
plot.powerscale.show true Show or hide color scale true true, false
plot.time.label Date+Range The label of the time axis. Use hide to not show DATERANGE url encoded string
plot.time.matchrequest false If true, the plot will match the date range of the request. If false, the plot will match the date range of the data true true, false
plot.time.format yyyy-MM-dd Custom date format for time axis string
plot.time.tickunit year How often time tick units are drawn. auto auto, day, month, year
plot.time.invert true Flips the time axis false true, false
plot.frequency.label Hz The label of the frequency axis. Use “hide” to not show Frequency (Hz) url encoded string
plot.frequency.range 0.01,1 Set the displayed range of the frequency axis. Defaults to the full frequency range of the data two comma separated values
plot.frequency.invert true Flip the frequency axis false true, false
format plot Only supports format plot plot string
nodata 404 Http response codes for no data found 404, 204 404 (subject to change) 204, 404

Date Formats

Year, Month, Day in Month:

YYYY-MM-DD ex. 1997-01-31 a time of 00:00:00 is assumed


YYYY	:: four-digit year
MM	:: two-digit month (01=January, etc.)
DD	:: two-digit day of month (01 through 31)

Problems with this service?

Please send an email report of which service you were using, your URL query, and any error feedback to:
We will address your issue as soon as possible.

MUSTANG noise-spectrogram web service