Revision History: noise-mode-timeseries v.1

  • Revision 1.3.3 Jan 4, 2018

Power label can customized: plot.power.label=Power+[dB]
Line width can be customized: plot.linewidth=2.1
Background color can be customized: plot.backgroundcolor=white plot.gridcolor=black

  • Revision 1.3.0 August 3,2018

Added options for noise model comparison output, noisemodel.byfrequency and noisemodel.byperiod

Can now select frequency or period ranges using bracket notation.
For example: frequencies=[0.1,0.3] selects all frequencies from 0.1 to 0.3.

  • Revision 1.2.1 March 1, 2017

Added font size options.

  • Revision 1.2.0 July 27, 2016

Added XML format (format=xml)

  • March 2016 — removed XML format from the online docs — this is a feature that is pending but currently does not function.