Command line Fetch scripts [EarthScope]

The DMC’s Fetch scripts are simple command line Perl scripts that request data and information from webs services at the DMC and compatible services at other data centers.

FetchData Download Fetch time series data (miniSEED), simple metadata (text), StationXML metdata, and instrument responses (SEED RESP and SAC PZs)
FetchEvent Download Fetch event (earthquake) information in ASCII text format, source XML can also be saved

For further description and examples using these scripts visit the documentation.

Java Web Service library [EarthScope]

A Java API that allows direct access to DMC data (using web services)

Download IRIS WS library

This library allows a Java developer to access DMC-stored data without dealing directly with the web service interfaces or, more importantly, the internal formats of the DMC. Even though the web services typically return XML or SEED data, users of this library do not need XML or SEED knowledge to process the returned information.

MATLAB data access via irisFetch.m [EarthScope]

A MATLAB library that allows direct access to DMC data.

Download irisFetch.m

Waveform (time series) data, related station metadata and event parameters from the IRIS-DMC are directly accessible from within MATLAB (R2009b and later) using this library.

ObsPy/Python data access and processing

The ObsPy project is dedicated to provide a Python framework for processing seismological data. Included in this framework is the capability to retrieve data from FDSN web services (among many other data sources).

If you wish to retrieve data from the DMC and process it in Python using ObsPy is highly recommended.

SeisIO.jl/Julia - A package for working with geophysical time series data

A minimalist, platform-agnostic package for working with geophysical time series data in the Julia language. Supports accessing data via web services in addition to reading common seismic data formats (SAC, miniSEED, SEGY).

Download the package and read the documentation from the SeisIO project site

MATLAB data access via GISMO toolbox

The GISMO project provides an object-oriented MATLAB framework for reading seismic waveform, catalog and instrument response data from various common data formats and data sources, including IRIS DMC (by wrapping the irisfetch.m function), and provides basic processing and data visualization tools. More complex workflows are easy/fast to build using GISMO. One component of GISMO is The Waveform Suite.

MUSTANG metrics visualization tools

There are several MUSTANG web-based tools available to visualize data quality metrics:

MUSTANG Databrowser – plot MUSTANG metrics as time series graphs or boxplots; display PDF, PDF-mode timeseries, and trace plots
MUSTANGular – plot color-coded MUSTANG metrics on a geographic map view
LASSO – rank station quality using grouped MUSTANG metrics with user-adjustable criteria

JWEED, ISPAQ, and other EarthScope software that use web services

All EarthScope software packages that use web services

If you have a Web Service client and wish to have it listed here, please fill out and submit our feedback form selecting "Web Services" in the Message Reason dropdown and "List my WS client" in the Subject field.