Help: metrics v.1


The metrics web service returns an overview of all metrics requested that are either generally available, or that have measurements for the channels or times specified.

MUSTANG Metrics Descriptions

Below are the current metrics that are available via MUSTANG. There are the primary tabular metrics, and then there are separate
services for the PSD and PDF noise metrics. Supporting documentation for most MUSTANG metrics is available as a link from this list:

Tabular Metrics

available via

PSD/PDF Noise Metrics

These are found currently as separate services. Please refer to for the full service list.

  • noise-pdf:
    The noise-pdf web service returns Probability Density Functions (PDFs) for seismic channels. PDFs can be aggregated into a single PDF using this service over an arbitrary time.
    Service URL:

PSD/PDF Noise Applications

These services actually function more like web applications, but can be used as programmatic services in most cases as well.

  • noise-mode-timeseries:
    The noise-mode-timeseries web service returns Probability Density Function daily mode estimates for individual seismic channels. These can be presented as a timeseries for specific frequencies.
    Service URL: