Command line Fetch scripts

The DMC’s Fetch scripts are simple command line Perl scripts that request data and information from webs services at the DMC and compatible services at other data centers.

FetchData Download Fetch time series data (miniSEED), simple metadata (ASCII) and instrument responses (SEED RESP and SAC PZs)
FetchEvent Download Fetch event (earthquake) information in ASCII text format, source XML can also be saved
FetchMetadata Download Fetch basic time series channel metadata in ASCII text format, source XML can also be saved

For further description and examples using these scripts visit the Wiki page.

Java Web Service library

A Java API that allows direct access to DMC data (using web services)

Download IRIS WS library

This library allows a Java developer to access DMC-stored data without dealing directly with the web service interfaces or, more importantly, the internal formats of the DMC. Even though the web services typically return XML or SEED data, users of this library do not need XML or SEED knowledge to process the returned information.

MATLAB data access (irisFetch.m)

A MATLAB library that allows direct access to DMC data.

Download irisFetch.m

Waveform (time series) data, related station metadata and event parameters from the IRIS-DMC are directly accessible from within MATLAB (R2009b and later) using this library.

JWEED and other IRIS DMC software that use web services

All IRIS DMC software packages that use web services